About the Food Gardens

The Food Gardens at Walcot Hall

The Food Gardens, CIC, was set up in spring 2012 by Robert Milne.  Alder Tye is a co-director. It is located in part of the oddly shaped walled garden and covers an area about the size of five allotments. The vegetation comprised coarse grasses and 'our old friends' docks, thistles, nettles and couch, plus numerous suckers from two old plum trees. During 2012 ten WWOOF volunteers helped clear at least a quarter of the area and some, mostly rather late sown, crops were grown. Fruit trees were planted early in 2013.

Robert Milne BSc (Hons)

Robert started gardening in 1977. Since then his experience includes 20 years of self-sufficiency and 8 years as a professional in walled gardens. He has worked with vegetable growers in Norway, Scotland and Iceland. Robert also has experience working with children, making and managing allotment-sized vegetable gardens in primary schools.

In 2006 Robert graduated from the University of Reading with an hons degree in soil science and is the author of Organic Vegetable Growing (2010). Robert is also involved in campaigning to get food gardening into schools as a recognised curriculum subject.


Alder Tye BSc (Hons)

Alder Tye has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences and is a qualified professional trainer. She has spent most of her career in environmental education and has worked with schools, community groups and small businesses offering training and advice on composting, waste reduction, reuse and recycling, energy and water efficiency, green technologies and climate change.

As a keen gardener she has managed her own organic vegetable plot for the last 10 years and is currently undertaking the RHS level 2 certificates in professional horticulture.